Cpl. Jeffrey A. Boskovitch, USMC

(02/10/80 – 08/02/05)

In January of 2005, Jeff was deployed to Iraq with the rest of his brothers from the 3-25 Battalion, 4th Marine Division of Brookpark, Ohio.

If you knew Jeff, no explanation is necessary. If you didn’t know Jeff, please know that he had an immense sense of humor, was fun-loving, and had a great zest for life. Most important, he was a Marine, a Marine that was honorable, courageous, and served his country with dignity.

The worst nightmare came true; Our Marine, our Son, our Brother, our Friend, our Neighbor was killed in action on August 2, 2005 as he fought for our continued freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cpl. Jeffrey Allen Boskovitch will be dearly missed and forever our remembered Hero!

During an unbearably hot August summer day in 2005, some say as hot as 120 degrees, Corporal Jeffrey A. Boskovitch and five other Marine Brothers fought their last battle defending our freedoms. We believe strongly they took the fight to that hot, dusty, unbearable place to keep the fight from our neighborhoods. In Jeff’s mind and spirit he was protecting your right to peace and freedom and was doing what was right in his heart for the Iraqi people.

Kathy Boskovitch and Family, stewards of the Jeffrey A. Boskovitch Memorial Foundation.